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A Model for All Believers: An Expositional Commentary on 1 Thessalonians

Paul was writing to this fledgling church giving them encouragement and hope in a world that seemed hopeless for their continued existence. In spite of their negative circumstances this young church was being a model to all believers throughout their world. Here is help and hope for your world. A Model for All Believers has the perspectives of a history book, the insights of a commentary, the style of a devotional, the flow of a novel, the readability of a magazine, and the content of the Word of God It is the best of many literary worlds Author Kenneth Terry writes masterfully in a style that makes a 1st Century book come alive with 21st Century relevance Presiding Bishop Ronald D. Carpenter, International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Oklahoma City, OK.Kenneth Terry's book, A MODEL FOR ALL BELIEVERS, a study of First Thessalonians, is a practical study of the epistle for pastors, teachers and believers. The combination of Dr. Terry's commitment to the Word of God and his wealth of practical experience make a blessing to the reader. James D. Leggett, President of Holmes Bible College, Greenville, SC. Readers will find a clear exposition of the epistle and illustrations crafted to bridge the centuries since its composition. Pastors will find tools and ideas for preaching the epistle to their congregations. Frank Scurry, President, Carolina Graduate School of Divinity, Greensboro, NC.Simply, this book, like the author, is a gem amid the fiberglass. The juxtaposition of scholarship to practical application is among the best that I've seen in any commentary. From the opening sentences of the introduction to the closing pages, the reader will rejoice in the timelessness of Biblical truth as a model for all believers and inspiration to triumphant hope through Jesus. Dr. Robert R. Kopp, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Belvidere, Ill. The life, ministry and witness intermixed with the knowledge and revelation of God's Word is detailed explicitly. From beginning to end, this book is a spiritual guide for today's living and a roadmap for eternity. Rev. R. J. Barber, Jr., Danville, VA.
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