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Adversity: But There's Hope Ahead

Is everything that happens really God's will? All of us face adversity and usually wonder, How am I supposed to handle this? Some Christians think that, because they are children of the Sovereign King, God should remove it immediately. Others live in a deep sense of Christian fatalism, the belief that everything that happens is God's will, and any form of adversity faced is God-ordained for teaching and strengthening . . . when in fact, the acceptance of adversity actually serves to perpetuate it. Using practical terms and application, Adversity: But There's Hope Ahead tackles this by addressing: the components of God's original plan vs. Christian fatalism the types of adversities that exist biblically based responses to each type of adversity. Unlock the true remedies available to all believers and release your adversities - it's time to live in the wonder and awe of God's Kingdom
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