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Attitude Is a Choice, So Pick a Good One: Practical Steps to a Positive Outlook

A Positive Attitude Changes Everything Author and leadership coach Bob Phillips has witnessed firsthand how choosing to face every day with a hopeful outlook is not only Christlike but life changing! Though it’s easy to fall into a pattern of negative thinking, you can make small decisions every day to make a habit of looking on the bright side. Inside Attitude Is a Choice—So Pick a Good One, you’ll find helpful tips, biblical truths, and inspiring quotes that reveal how a positive mentality toward life blesses you with perspective, motivation, and happiness. You’ll discover exercises and actions that help you make optimism your default setting principles from Scripture that illuminate the hopeful mindset God wants you to have check points for evaluating your attitude and noting your progress towards positivity Attitude Is a Choice—So Pick a Good One will move you towards growth in all areas of your life. Full of bite-sized wisdom and uplifting insights, this book will help you make lasting positive changes to how you approach each day.
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