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Blinded By Faith: Making Biblical Sense of the Faith that is Transforming Society and Obscuring the Truth

SEE HOW FAITH SHAPES US ALL -For centuries, ideas based upon the Christian faith shaped how most people in Western Civilization understood the world. Clearly, this is no longer the case. For many, those Biblical convictions have been replaced by various concepts and theories like evolution, uniformitarianism, moral relativism, religious relativism, etc. We all know these ideas have powerfully in?uenced society. But most do not realize that, like the Christian convictions they have supplanted, they too are built upon a foundation of faith. Revealing the battle over hearts and minds, Blinded by Faith: - uncovers Naturalism: the faith-based foundation of many modern ideas - shows you how Christianity and Naturalism lead to very different views of the same world. - enables you to examine the Naturalistic faith, its development, and the ideas it has inspired, within the context of a Biblical view of history. - demonstrates how this modern faith is fundamentally changing American society. - provides you with insight on how Naturalistic ideas are setting the stage for speci?c prophecy to be ful?lled. - equips you to stand con?dently and boldly on God's word, putting your doubts to rest concerning the relevancy of the Bible in a world confused and darkened by faith-based ideas contrary to it. Blinded by Faith will open your eyes to the pivotal role faith plays in all our worldviews, and how the colliding of the two most prominent belief systems in our society have created irreconcilable divides. Whether the cultural wars revolve around science, historical narratives, human rights, abortion, school curriculums, sexuality, marriage, public policy, or even reality itself; it is essential to understand that at the heart of these con?icts frequently lie two clashing faiths: Naturalism and Christianity. In the end, only one is worthy of your trust. Only one will give you discernment to comprehend the events and weather the storms that surely lie ahead of us. The other will blind you from the truth.
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