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Children's Ministry Pocket Guide to Discipline: Quick Tips for a Stress-Free Classroom 10/pack

Do you know the number-one reason teachers quit? Because they don't feel empowered to control their classrooms. When you see your teachers struggling, hand them this book for ministry volunteers: Pocket Guide to Discipline. They'll instantly connect with these top tips—all presented in a "You Can Do It" attitude. This children’s ministry leadership book is sold in packs of 10, so you can give one to every children's ministry worker or use them in your Sunday school teacher training. This children’s ministry resource offers: • Time saving lessons! Little effort or planning is necessary to be effective. • Confidence building information! Addresses the number-one challenge teachers face. They'll gain confidence as they creatively solve—and conquer—discipline issues. • Solutions that work! Practical, proven solutions that tackle each discipline issue. • New ideas! A pocketful of tips to try when children aren't as cooperative as you'd like. • Disciplinary concepts that are readily available! Conveniently tuck Pocket Guide to Discipline into your Bible, purse, or back pocket for reference.
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