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Did You Receive the Holy Spirit When You Believed? (Acts 19: 2): Christian Foundations Revisited

Do you know how to lead someone to Christ? This book will make you think again. Do you know the gospel message? Do you know the purpose for church leaders? Are you fully birthed into the family of God? Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed? Think again. That is what this book will challenge you to do. The Rev. Paul Hoyt, a retired Church of the Nazarene pastor, said of the book, My mind is being challenged and stretched. The question is simply, What does the Bible say about how New Testament believers became Christians? What were their experiences, and what does the Bible say they believed and understood about those experiences? This book will challenge you to rethink commonly held positions and universally understood practices and beliefs. Don't be alarmed. This book is completely Jesus-focused. The age-old biblical truths about Christ are not being challenged. Jesus is God, the second person of the triune Godhead, born of a virgin, crucified and resurrected bodily and spiritually to new life. His blood cleanses mankind of all sin, no one comes to God except through Him, and the Bible is the Word of God. But the evangelistic message and experiences of the Bible of those early believers about this saving Jesus should correspond to the thought and practice of present-day evangelism. The disparity, however, might surprise you. This book will help the Church get back to a New Testament evangelism that has somehow been lost along the way.
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