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Earthquake End Time

Pastor Jack Hayford believes the key to understanding the book of Revelation is to understand and correctly interpret the time and events surrounding the major earthquakes in Revelation. In E-Quake Pastor Hayford offers a practical study of the book of Revelation, not a speculative or sensationalized look at prophecy. Readers will understand how this revelation of Jesus Christ affects their lives today. He also shows them how to live in what are perhaps the end times, how to keep things in perspective, how to make sure their value system and priorities are in order, and how to apply the teaching of Revelation in practical ways. Hayford unlocks the mysteries of Revelation for Christians who may well be living in Earth's last days! In this practical study, he outlines how the revelation of Jesus Christ should be impacting our daily lives and affecting our priorities. Learn how to live each day so if Christ returns tomorrow, you'll have no regrets! 228 pages, softcover from Nelson.
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