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Giving Thanks for a Perfectly Imperfect Life

Giving Thanks for a Perfectly Imperfect Life dispels the worldly lie that perfection is (1) attainable or (2) desirable. As a recovering perfectionist, Michele Howe can speak from personal experience how damaging and paralyzing spending one’s life in pursuit of perfection on any plane is to us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Perfectionists believe they can control their relationships, lives, environments, as well as the people around them—but the Bible teaches us that only God is in control. True safety and inner peace come from submitting ourselves to the loving and sovereign control of God; not from our attempts to manipulate, maneuver, or massage circumstances to our liking.This book will help Christian readers see through the untruths of striving for perfection and find true contentment, rest, and peace by learning to love the imperfect in life as we watch God restore, redeem, and remake our lives according to his purpose and plan.Giving Thanks for a Perfectly Imperfect Life addresses the most common life scenarios that perfectionists attempt to control. Each of the 25 chapters includes A Bible passageA quotationA real-life accountAn essay focusing on the specific chapter topicA takeaway action thoughtA prayerSeveral suggestions for practical steps to offer thanks for our imperfect livesPerfect for women’s small groups and book clubs, it’s a practical book that will help readers find true contentment, rest, and peace in God.
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