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God Granted Me

So many times we all take our life for granted and forget the fact that the only reason we are here is because of the Grace of God. He brought us here to fulfill a purpose in life which he set for us. But because we get so caught up in the World we forget where we came from and how we actually got here. For those who think they were brought here by mistake, I want to let them know that there are no mistakes when it comes to Gods work. The Bible says He knew us before we were formed in the womb; which means he placed us here at that particular time and place for a reason, we have to walk in his path to find out why. I want to share my testimony of how God Granted Me.... with you. How God was always in my life even though I tried to push him to the side numerous of times, he still had me in the palm of his hands. This is just a little story that I only pray will inspire or help someone else to recognize that God is and will always be there for you if you just accept him and allow him to enter into your heart. Denae is a single parent of an amazing 8 year old young man, the guardian of her 17 year old handsome, intelligent cousin and the most important role in her life at this present time is making sure her grandmother receives the best care as she continues in her youthful years. She is the daughter of Bruce A. Wilson and the late Wanda J. Brunner and the younger of two older brothers, both whom are married.
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