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In the Days of PaulLimited Edition

What was it like in the time of Paul? What really happened in his conversion and what did it lead to? What was going on in the cities of the Empire and how did Paul tailor his message to the needs of the particular churches? IN THE DAYS OF PAUL seeks to answer these questions, give an outline of Paul's teaching, and deal with the world of Paul in a manner which is easily understood. Starting with Paul's background in both a Jewish and Greek world, Anthony J. Tambasco then describes the life and times in each of the major cities visited by Paul and sketches Paul's teaching in these cities. Understanding Paul's world brings insight into his message and helps to clarify the frequent misunderstandings of Paul's views on women, marriage, sex, and slavery. IN THE DAYS OF PAUL brightens Paul's personality and breathes life into the people around him. With a companion volume, IN THE DAYS OF JESUS, this book will serve as an important background text for introducing major works of the New Testament: The Gospels about Jesus and the Epistles of Paul. IN THE DAYS OF PAUL also provides an excellent introduction to Paul for undergraduates, discussion groups, and adult education groups. Anthony J. Tambasco is Professor of Theology at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. He is also the author of Theology of Atonement and Paul's Vision of Christianity and editor of Bible on Suffering: Social and Political Implications (2001).
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