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Jesus on Trial: A Study of the Gospels, 2nd edition

How did Jesus, a much-lovedand highly respected Jewishteacher, get sentenced to deathas a criminal? The questions ofstudents and scholars about theactual circumstances, legal situation,and subsequent development of thePassion Narratives are here answeredin Sloyan's second edition of thisreliable resource, first published byFortress Press in 1973. This secondedition includes additional text, updated bibliography andnotes, and a new preface. How did Jesus, a much-loved and highly respected Jewish teacher, get sentenced to death as a criminal? The questions of students and scholars about the actual circumstances, legal situation, and subsequent development of the Passion Narratives are here answered in Sloyan's (Why Jesus Died) second edition of this reliable resource, first published by Fortress Press in 1973. This second edition includes additional text, updated bibliography and notes, and a new preface.
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