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Journey Into the Light: A True Story of Death and New Life

Whether the topic is life or death, author Carol Quintana has a few answers. She knows what it is like to be dead for over sixty minutes. She lives today to tell her story. The Light is as so many describe it to be. It comes from a source. She was in the Light, and she shares the truth with you-her truth and His The Light is more than just the way. This Light teaches you about real love. Whether the topic is spiritual or supernatural, Quintana can explain the difference. If you believe in angels or demons, let her share with you her experience with both. Even if you don't know the Word of God, it is easy to understand. Quintana shares many examples from the Bible. This is good reading for those searching for answers to questions such as, Is there a God?, Does life go on after death?, Do I have spiritual or supernatural angels with me?, or Do my gifts come from God? Your birth and your heritage is no mistake. The gifts God gave you at birth are yours to make the most of. Most of all, Quintana wants every reader to realize that God is good
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