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Learning Styles: Teaching Everyone God Gave You to Teach

Learning Styles is full of practical, helpful, and eye-opening information about the different ways kids perceive information and then use that knowledge, as well as how their behavior is often tied to their particular learning style. When we understand learning styles—imaginative, analytic, common sense, and dynamic—and adjust our teaching or parenting to those styles, we begin reaching everyone God gives us to teach. Do you wonder why Connor talks all the time? Or why Kaitlyn has to practice something to learn it? Or why Andrew needs to learn something new everyday? Or why Brittany is always trying something new?Learning Styles answers these questions and more. Effective learning for children, teens, and adults follows a natural four-step process:Why do I need this?What does the Bible say about my need?How does what the Bible teaches actually work today?How will I use what I have learned
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