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Line Art Transfer Sheets, Faith Icons

FEATURES: TRACE ONCE and YOU'RE DONE One and Dones by Jann Gray. And Even Though They're Called One and Done You Can Use Them Again and Again. Jann is a Pioneer, Author and Respected Artist in the Bible Journaling Community. She Developed a Quick and Simple Way to Transfer Line Art to Bible Pages. Simply Trace Pre-Printed Graphics from Jann's Personal Collection. 
 10 Reusable Line Art Sheets: (4) 5.75 x 7 (2) 5 x 7 (4) 3 x 7 
 4 Sheets Graphite Paper
 1 Bamboo Stylus One & Done Line Art Transfer Sheets feature designs by Jann Gray for a simple way to transfer line art to Bible pages. Icons of Faith package includes:10 Reusable Line Art Transfer Sheets4 Sheets Graphite Paper1 Bamboo Tracing Stylus
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