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Living as an Overcomer DVD: Eternal Motivation for Earthly Success

Be Challenged to Live Triumphantly Every believer can be assured that God has already given us everything we need to experience victory over sin. In the dynamic videos on the Living as an Overcomer DVD, Dr. Tony Evans helps you see how you can triumph over life’s difficulties by taking heed of Christ’s messages to the seven churches in Revelation. These sessions with Dr. Evans will also help you rekindle your deepest convictions and strengthen your spiritual commitment as Christ calls you to return to your first love with Him. Get ready to vanquish obstacles and prevail in your present circumstances by laying claim to all that your loving Father has in store for you.   While the unique hardships of our modern lives can often feel insurmountable, you will discover how Jesus’ messages to some of the earliest churches brim with power and relevance even in our contemporary context.Also Available Living as an OvercomerLiving as an Overcomer Workbook
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