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Men & Women in the Church: Building Consensus on Christian Leadship

Evangelicals stand divided in their view of women in the church. On one side stand complementarians, arguing the full worth of women but assigning them to differing roles, especially within the church. On the other side stand egalitarians, arguing that the full worth of women demands their equal treatment and access to leadership roles. Is there a way to mend the breach and build consensus? Sarah Sumner thinks there is. Avoiding the pitfalls of radical feminism and reactionary conservatism, she traces a new path through the thicket of issues--biblical, theological, psychological and practical--to establish and affirm common ground. Leadership and authority are not the only issues. How we view and treat one another as men and women within the body of Christ are vitally important, and they set the context for our discussion of leadership. This is a book for all who want a fresh and hope-filled look at a persistent problem.
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