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Ministry is a High Calling (Aim Low

Kurt Schuermann writes with humor and grace about the everyday happenings in a pastor's life. After being forced to purge his book collection by a move to a smaller office, Schuermann discovers a dark truth about himself: he is addicted to ten-step books. In this book he collects the things that he has found to be true since he threw away his collection of ten-step and how-to books. Topics of the fifty-two reflections include the minister's call, church-growth seminars, and the local church. Don't ever use any words you learned in seminary. Don't hang out with too many ministers. This will undoubtedly mess you up. Beware of angstide. Blending humor with practical wisdom, Pastor Schuermann, a United Methodist minister, offers snippets of advice on everything from church-growth seminars to conflicts in the congregation for pastors and pastors-in-training. 130 pages, 4.25 x 6 softcover from Geneva.
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