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Next Wave: Worship in a New Era

NEXT WAVE Where is God taking us in Worship? Global shockwaves have alerted us all that a new era has begun. How will today’s unprecedented changes impact the Church and, more specifically, corporate worship?   As a lifelong worshipper, bestselling author, and anointed teacher, Bob Sorge, provides prophetic insights on the future of worship in Next Wave. He traces the rich history of worship in the American Church and shows how we can keep moving forward into God’s possibilities for worship.   You will discover: An intriguing history of worship over the past six decades that contains the DNA of our future.Spiritual signposts that will help you become a participant in the next waves of Holy Spirit visitation.Practical guidance for awakening the song of the people.The irreplaceable necessity of Spirit-empowered leadership.The ingredients of spontaneous worship.A vision for worship that rides waves of Holy Spirit momentum all the way to the shore. When you live in the ancient, you can discern the new—and position yourself for the coming Glory.
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