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Did you know that the biggest owl has a wingspan of five feet? That's big! The smallest owl is no bigger than an avocado. Filled with photographs and vivid illustrations, this book will teach you all about these beautiful birds.Excerpt:When the owlets are about one month old, they are ready to leave the nest.At first, owlets hop from branch to branch.They grab onto tree bark.They wander around on the ground.They practice flapping their wings.Look!They are flying!The owlets are now called fledglings(say: FLEJ-lings). Learn more about the world of owls with this beginning reader! Featuring fun facts about the various breeds of owls, their eating and mating habits, and so much more with full color illustrations and photographs. This Level 3 reader is perfect for a transitional reader with more dialogue, different points of view, multisyllable and compound words, and more complex storylines and characters.
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