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Practicing Theological Interpretation: Engaging Biblical Texts for Faith and Formation

Much is written about the theory of theological interpretation, but how does it apply to actually working with biblical texts? This volume shows that theological interpretation is not so much an exegetical method as it is a practice concerned with Scripture's role in the faith and formation of persons and church communities. Widely recognized biblical scholar Joel Green demonstrates both the practice of theological interpretation and the fruitfulness of this approach to reading biblical texts, providing students with helpful ways of wrestling with knotty interpretive issues. He also explores how theological inquiry can coexist with rigorous academic study of the Bible. Can theological inquiry co-exist with rigorous academic study of the Bible? Examining how theological interpretation works at an exegetical level, Green explores the relationship between hermeneutics and Christian formation, history's role in interpretation, the tension between ecumenical creeds and witness of Scripture, and the ways our faith communities shape our reading of the biblical text. 160 pages, softcover from Baker.
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