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Receive Healing In Jesus Name: We Have Authority Over Sickness

The best medicine anyone can take when a healing is needed in the body, mind, or spirit is God's Word. This book is a practical guide to divine healing today. It answers some of the questions that many of us have had when seeking healing. .Why Do Some Receive Healing While Others Stay Sick? .Is Divine Healing For Today? .What Does The Bible Say About Healing? .Do Miracles Still Happen Today? .Is it God's Will to Heal Us? .How Does God Heal? .How Should We Pray to Receive Healing? .Can We Take Authority Over Sickness? .Where Does Sickness Come From? The Author explores the Scriptures that have helped her to receive healing throughout her lifetime. She uses these same Scriptures to minister healing to others. God's word works, so use this word and receive your healing. Rev. Dr. Kim can be reached at [email protected] Raised in Toledo Ohio, the author never dreamt life would take her on a journey with God to develop a deep, complete love of Jesus and an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Her deep-rooted faith and natural charismatic personality led her toward greater Spirituality than she ever imagined. She crossed paths with an old Preacher, Pastor Aldon Hazen in Ft. Myers, Fl. Who helped develop her knowledge, wisdom, workings of the Holy Spirit, and strengthened the desire placed upon her heart to share this with each person she meets. Now a Pastor, walking the love walk of Jesus she has taken on the role of a Spiritual leader to those she encounters. For her, the love and joy of the Lord Jesus, the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and faith in God is the mission and ministry that guide her life. Praise Jesus.
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