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Simple Recipes for Romance

Simple Recipes for Romance How to add spice to your marriage Have you ever wondered, Can I really experience romance in marriage or is it just a fairy tale? Yes you can, if you are willing to make it happen These simple recipes for romance will provide the ingredients for adding spice back to your marriage. If you use a recipe book to create a meal you will prepare a tasty delight. By following these Simple Recipes for Romance you will experience a FEAST Steve Tucker has tested and applied these recipes throughout his 29 years of marriage. His desire is for couples to enjoy their relationship in the midst of life's challenges. With these simple recipes for romance, you can do it Who doesn't want spice in their marriage? Yet there are many couples who have forgotten what spice smells or tastes like and their most important relationship has grown stagnant and stale. If you want a thriving marriage that is growing more in love everyday there is only one book I would recommend . and you are looking at it. Roger Gibson Speaker & Author, First Comes Love, Then Comes Money Smalley Relationship Center Steve Tucker is co-founder and president of Eagle Family Ministries in Bentonville, Arkansas. He has spent the past 12 years leading seminars and retreats on romance in marriage. He was in church ministry from 1975 through 1996 when EFM was founded. Steve is a graduate of Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri and John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. He is a graduate of Rapport Leadership International School of Leadership Development, as well as a member of the AACC. Steve is certified in several marriage communication programs and is a relationship coach. Steve and Susan were married in 1979 and have two sons.
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