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So the Next Generation Will Know Participant's Guide

This fully-researched, eight-session guide takes participants through a variety of engaging materials that will enable youth leaders, Christian teachers, and parents to strategically teach truth to the next generation. These authors are both parent’s and have been youth leaders (and Sean has been a Christian school teacher), so they know how to equip youth influencers to discover fresh ways to reach students and help them be effective defenders of God’s truth.   Written to work seamlessly with their all-new book and video series, this accessible guide includes questions for reflection, notes for discussion, and plenty of real-life ministry examples to aid readers as they seek to apply the most effective tools to their own youth ministries and classrooms. Participants will grow confident that they’re utilizing the best practices available as they send their youth out into a challenging culture. This interactive study guide includes a free QR code and URL to access all eight videos, plus additional content for engaging study as a group or on your own. To aid you in your planning, following are the session titles and video run times:   1          Love Responds            11:42 2          Love Understands       11:06 3          Love Relates                10:33 4          Love Equips                 10:22 5          Love Ignites                 10:53 6          Love Trains                  11:10 7          Love Explores              11:31 8          Love Engages              11:35  
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