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Teaching Your Kids New Math, 6-8 For Dummies

It’s not too late to learn new math tricks—and help kids learn them, too! Teaching Your Kids New Math, Grades 6-8, For Dummies teaches you the new standard way of teaching kids math. It’s all about thinking through how to solve problems and using strategies, rather than just memorizing the procedures. In this book, parents, guardians, and tutors will learn how to use these methods and standards to effectively teach kids Common Core math for grades 6-8. Teaching Your Kids New Math, Grades 6-8, For Dummies shows you how schools are teaching kids math these days, and gives you tools to support kids through the homework and test prep process. You’ll love this book’s clear explanations and examples organized by grade level. With Teaching Your Kids New Math, Grades 6-8, For Dummies?? you’ll also get access to online tools, including dozens of math worksheets for additional support. Learn how to teach 6th through 8th grade math according to the Common Core Discover the new methods and formulas that are standard for math instruction Get best teaching practices, example problems, and tips about common math pitfalls Help your kids with math homework and enhance the homeschool journeyThis is the perfect Dummies guide for anyone who needs guidance on how to teach kids math using new methods and concepts—they’re different from what we learned in school! Future math teachers will also love this user-friendly guide to middle-grade math.
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