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The Mother Gap

...The Mother Gap should help anyone struggling with memories of the lack of parental love. -Reverend Roland Coffey, Christian & Missionary Alliance Pastor When a daughter feels disconnected from her mother, her heart hurts. There is an empty spot, a gap, where love should be. Her heart cries out ... Mom, I need you Aren't I good enough? Won't you love me for who I am? These unresolved emotions set the course for all the daughter's relationships. Her need for affirmation affects her friendships, her marriage, her children, and future generations. But there is One who can fill the hole in her heart and cover that gap. Jesus offers the emotional healing that makes connection possible. Especially for daughters wounded by their mothers, He becomes a bridge of forgiveness. This is Jessica's story, shared with candor and compassion. Despite enduring emotional abuse, she experienced the grace to keep reaching for her mom; grace only God could supply. Perhaps you have experienced the Mother Gap, or know someone who has. If so, this story is sure to bring encouragement. Jesus meets our heart's yearnings for connection. He invites us to be free of resentment and bitterness, envy and strife. Each chapter's personal application questions prompt reflection and lead to healthier relationships. Jessica Cherie Errico is a daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother. A former pregnancy care center director, she is passionate about women's issues. Author of several articles and devotionals, she self-published a children's book and writes a column for the Tribune & Georgian newspaper. An artist at heart, Jessica paints a vivid portrait of life with her classy, alcoholic mother. This is a memoir about her quest to bridge the disconnect she always felt between them, and the miracle of forgiveness she experienced. Ready to find the Bridge of Forgiveness?
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