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The Secrets to Generational Curses: Break the Stronghold in the Bloodline

Generational curses are one of Satan’s weapons of mass destruction. This book will help you identify and dismantle a range of generational curses in your family and others.  FEATURES AND BENEFITSPrayers to break the toughest and most hidden generational cursesInsights into how generational curses gain legal access to a person’s life and how they can evolve over timeIn the follow-up to his best-selling book, The Secrets to Deliverance, apostle Alexander Pagani shows readers how to dismantle generational curses, likening them to the electrical wiring in the room where the root of the curse lies. Generational curses are one of Satan’s weapons of mass destruction, and this book tackles some of the most prevalent—including vanity, gluttony, slothfulness, racism, dysfunction, dishonor, legalism, procrastination, homosexuality, and personality disorders.   This book will help those who are struggling with habitual sin or feel as if something is keeping them from reaching their full potential. Learn to identify and break free from the powerful generational curses that may be keeping you bound.  Keep the curses out for good.  
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