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The Triumph of Holiness: How to Participate in God's Traits and Power

A name is supposed to reveal a person's culture, history, character, and faculties. God can do all things and has power over both the visible and the invisible. Therefore, He has many names (attributes and character): He is Love, He is Gracious, He is Long-suffering, and so on. Jesus is the Savior, Alpha and Omega, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and so on. The Spirit (of God and of Christ) is also called the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Adoption, the Spirit of Christ, and so on. But why did the Triune God single out the title Holy as the primary name for the third person of the Trinity above all the others? Is there more to the word holy in the Bible that we need to know? If yes, what is the purpose or the benefit of digging into the revelation and receiving the revealed knowledge and understanding of the word? The Triumph of Holiness presents the powerful revelation behind the word Holy and why Holy is the primary name for God among all the names of the Trinity. It also gives revelation knowledge on how this word, and all that the word means can change the believer's life toward victory in all aspects. Upon reading and receiving the revelation that this book presents, your knowledge of God will increase and your spiritual power will grow exponentially. You will be strengthened and equipped to live a victorious life and will be able to teach others for the same purpose.
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