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They Took My Wife's Breast

What does a man think and feel when his wife is diagnosed with breast cancer and has her breasts removed? While living with the diagnosis and chemotherapy treatments of his wife's breast cancer, many women asked Ken Olive's wife, Phyllis, What did Ken say? This question, along with what Ken thought to be their underlying questions about a woman's struggle with breast cancer, are answered from a man's POV. Through his conversational story, Ken shows men and women how they can share this experience. Men learn what to expect from Ken's experiences during this difficult journey, and women discover what men think when a woman they love is diagnosed with breast cancer. They Took My Wife's Breast invites those struggling with breast cancer to share the journey from a man's intimate perspective of his wife's struggle to win her battle against this worldwide epidemic and join him as he becomes her advocate and protector in the fight.
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