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Upside Down Kingdom: Secrets of Spiritual Transformation Hidden in the Beatitudes

In Jesus' greatest sermon, He begins with the Beatitudes: nine statements that turn our world upside down. He's establishing a counterculture, a different way to seeing reality, with a shocking set of blessings. Jesus is asking us to join Him in a kingdom that challenges everything we normally believe and hold dear... and offers us more than we've ever imagined. Sound intriguing? Hold on tight. Look at this modern translation: God's kind of happiness comes to those who know they are poor. Divine comfort is showered on those whose hearts are broken with grief. If you are truly meek, the whole world belongs to you. And for those of you who are suffering for doing the right thing -- Awesome! It's a party time! You belong in God's hall of fame! In this book, Pastor Bill White gives us a door of understanding. If we walk through it, we'll find that these paradoxical truths turn conventional wisdom upside down... and they fill our hearts with God's love, forgiveness, wisdom, and strength.
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