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Welding For Dummies

Every critical welding technique and process distilled into a one-stop, accessible resource  Safe and effective welding might seem like a pipe dream if you’re just getting started. But with a little help from Welding For Dummies you’ll be a "golden arm" in no time. This guide will give you techniques you need to get a handle on material evaluation, clean-up, and every step in between.  You’ll find practical advice on every popular kind of welding, including stick, tig, mig, fluxcore, and even oxyfuel cutting. You’ll also get tips on the ideal welding techniques to choose for specific projects. The book shows you how to:  Find the required training for welding certifications  Use brand-new welding technologies, including laser techniques  Practice critical welding techniques you can use in your own hobby shop while staying safe  Whether you’re looking for some help to further your do-it-yourself projects at home or you’re just getting started with a traditional welding educational program and you need a useful supplementary resource, Welding For Dummies is an irreplaceable reference that helps make a challenging trade accessible to everyone. 
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