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Were You Raised by Wolves? And Seven Other Crucial Questions to Ask the One You Just Might Marry

How do you know if he's the one? Is marriage in your future? Are you and your boyfriend truly compatible? Relationships are hard enough. Trying to figure out the next step shouldn't be so difficult. Writing for couples who are seriously dating but don't necessarily know what's next, Toben Heim offers a handy guide to relationships. Quick, pat answers are easy, but they may not be right for everyone, so rather than give one-size-fits-all dating advice like many other books out there, Heim provides the means for honest discussion. The answers readers seek about the future of their relationships, he suggests, can be shaped from the answers their significant other will give in response to these questions. Find out what your boyfriend believes about family, friends, faith, communication styles, money, and more, and you'll find out if the relationship can stand the test of time. This series of questions paired with real-life stories and honest advice will help singles learn how to put their best foot forward in the most important earthly relationship they will ever experience.
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