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Winning the War Inside

This book is about challenging soul rule in the life of the believer. Here there are life changing discoveries regarding the soul's journey in learning to submit to Holy Spirit transformation. Soul Rule is exposed as it wars against the Spirit to maintain control. By identifying soul (self) rule, the believer will more easily understand the source of almost all our problems. In the soul's transformation process, the mind, the emotions, the will, and conscience struggle against yielding control to Holy Spirit. But God's intense desire to fill the soul continually, strives to draw the soul, through the Word and Holy Spirit, to a new level of intimacy with Himself to heal the brokenness and effectively empower permanent change. Peggy Stubbs has been imparting hunger for the life of God through the Word and the Spirit, for more than forty years through teaching, discipleship, prayer groups, leadership training and retreats. Sharing her deep longing for intimacy with God has helped many to enjoy these God revelations of Word and Spirit shared through her life and ministry. Peggy has served in many levels of leadership in both the local church, Aglow International, and for many years, with the Aglow Prison Ministry for the two women's prisons in Central California.
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