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Wrestling with the Ox

A Christian scholar of Buddhism, Paul Ingram here develops a primordial theology that deals with the key religious issues of our times, including religious ways of knowing, the character of the Sacred, our relation with nature, and the various forms of liberation--of the self, of others, and the final liberation from death--with which all religious Ways must deal. This elegantly written, wide-ranging discussion of core topics in religion is filled with provocative insights on many topics. --Rita M. Gross author of 'Buddhism after Patriarchy' Paul Ingram is exploring a new genre of religious writing, one that is based on long study and teaching of the writings of another tradition but which approaches these, openly and intentionally, with the questions that arise in our own Western, Christian experience. Readers learn much about Buddhism, but they do so in a way that responds ot their own existential questions and thereby teaches them still more about themselves. History of religions here becomes a theological discipline in the sense that it is put to use to help Christians advance in their own faith journey. --John B. Cobb, Jr. author of Beyond Dialogue One of the most novel, creative, and accessible takes on the question of what to make of the many religions. Ingram tests his model out within the practical world and its cries for ecological, social, and gender liberation. And all this with a casual, colorful, down-to-earth style. --Paul Knitter author of Introducing Theologies of Religions Paul O. Ingram is Professor of Religion Emeritus at Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma, Washington). He is the author of 'Wrestling with the Ox', 'The Modern Buddhist-Christian Dialogue', and 'The Dharma of Faith'.
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